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A Charity album for mines advisory group


released 20 August 2012

INVOLVED : Jesper Eriksson - Songs, lyrics, bass, guitars, backup vocals Christer Björklund - drums, backup vocals, recording engineer / producer, Scott Cryer - Vocals & lyrics, Nick Marsh - vocals, Lyrics Andreas Tuveson - vocals, Sverker Magnusson - Organ and Piano, Richard Krantz - Pedal steel, Mats Grönmark - Lap Steel, Anders Lyck - Guitar, Johan Nordström - electric & acustic guitar, Soulsurvivor - artwork, Maren Mschnebeck - photo The staff at the MAG office. more info about MAG:



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Paradors Sweden

Hi! Paradors is a collaborative effort between musicians
in Sweden, England, and Canada. Every penny from all sold albums will go directly to MAG (Mines advisory group) which is a neutral and impartial organisation that clears out landmines around the world. I got involved in MAG 1997 during a international campaign. pay whatever you think this download album is worth and support MAG! / Jesper ... more

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Track Name: I remember your fire
I remember your fire

I recall the feel of dust in my eyeballs
i recall the taste of mud in my mouth
i was lost in a mexican stand up
i'm not afraid - i just shake my medicin rattle

Have you been away to long from the action
once you where driven by a cold wind
once you where driven by a desire
i was there & i remember your FIRE

Let's climb down from this tree

Are you prepared to put your heart on the table
am i prepared to shake this world of my back
this could be our final test in the desert
it's time to roll to ride right into the FIRE

Let's climb down from this tree
Track Name: Silvertrain

I want to ride that silver train – a safety heaven, when life takes a rough turn
Staring at what looks likes a grave – it ain’t mine, but it craves my attention
Still feel that caution in the wind? –Walk away, count backwards down from 10
It’s just an illusion….

The silvertrain – takes me to a place where I can straight my head out – to find
A better view
The Silver train - ride right thru the fields of hell and on my way back, I know I’m
Not alone – I know I’m not alone

I light my lanterns every night – have you seen em? Over the tree tops
Must I forgive what’s not forgotten? – Ghouls and angels leave me alone now
It’s just a crack - but is it broken?
Why do I – deny the sun to shine as bright as it meant to?

The silvertrain - takes me......
Track Name: Lady Godiva
Lady Godiva

Sweet little cougar on a skateboard to school
i'd never seen anyone so naturally cool
captain Smith & pocahontas, we became friends
and we stumbled thru the desert hand in hand

straight out of school soon to work in a bar
your modest ambitions would soon take you far
last thing i heard you've been seen with the prince
of the swedish royal family

I was looking for clues at the sceene of the crime
built a complex alebi just to buy time all i had to offer
a basic mistrust of the world, was not good enough
lady Godiva you sure picked a name
botox galore made your way into fame
but did ever ride naked thru town
to distract a king from he's sword?

If i could turn back the time.....i would turn back your mind
maybe i stoped drawing the same old picture again & again & again
Track Name: So sorry again
So Sorry Again

I guess I’ve hit the road again
The one to oblivion
You’d think I’d have this figured out by now
But I’m not, no, I keep comin’ back for me
And everyday seems easy when addiction winds up getting fed

What is wrong with working this into my every way
I know you’re right but I will fight you anyway
So sorry, again
So sorry, again

Tomorrow morning, is always looming
Always hoping, that’s when it all goes down
When I finally move on
Shake the dust off
I say that same damn thing each night
I bet you know it all by heart by now

What is wrong with working this into my every day
I know you’re right but I will fight you anyway
So sorry, again
So sorry, again

When this will crumbles into the sea
Then you’ll see how bad it can be
Track Name: Beautiful things
Beautiful Things

With what’s left of this life
That’s waiting to be lived in
Sure as hell won’t spoil it now
And I don’t wanna leave it all behind
Because there are hands to hold
And there are hearts to fill
And there are blue blue skies
And then there’s your strong will
That takes you up, to the top of that hill
Where you can see for days
And almost touch those clouds above your head
And I wanna believe, that I can too
I wanna see these things
These beautiful things with you
See these beautiful things with you

So sweet but for only so long

So many little strings that have held me down
By themselves they’re not much, all together they’re hell
I’ll cut them all, yeah, one by one
I won’t waste a moment keepin’ up with you and what you’ve become
And big things, won’t seem so big
And love will bloom, and hate will fade
And life will seem, so simple, once again

I wanna see these beautiful things with you
I wanna see these beautiful things with you
So sweet but for only so long
Catch it while you can while love is still around
Taking an eternity to know that I was wrong
All I wanna do is see these beautiful things with you
See these beautiful things with you
Track Name: Your house
Your house was always the best plays to be
and your mum the coolest cat we ever seen
we used to rehers down in your living room
loud crappy punk rock while she made us soup

I know, yes i know time dosen't cheat snatches some good times
and drain some belief - vicious and greedy it hurt just to think
beautiful visions from days in your house

I know an empire finally falls
your mother got ill and your house was on sale
the last i recall is as sweet as it's true
she brought home a monkey to breathe for the zoo

I know..........
Track Name: Everything worth living for
Everything Worth Living For

Only mine, and only yours
And everything, worth living for
It only comes, and only goes
And never stops, and never knows
That you and I, don’t understand
Or care to ever, comprehend

The biggest fear, of all the fears
The biggest love that ever shines
With any luck
It’s with you for all time
All of it

At the front of our minds
Only good this time
Beautiful thoughts
To rest away, the afternoons, on summer Sundays
When all is good, and you’re free

Only mine, and only yours
And everything, worth living for
It only comes, and only goes
And it never stops and never knows

Background vocals

Sun, falls through, all the leaves to the water, on the stream, that flows, forever
Singing out loud, all alone again, singing out loud, alone again
For evermore, forever
Driving full speed, with no destination
You’re crying, at the wheel
So hold on forever